On Monday 25th March Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y2 visited Bocketts Farm. Fortunately, it was a bright and sunny spring morning. We were welcomed by friendly and knowledgeable staff who discussed health and safety issues while the children hungrily tucked into their snack in our designated room.

When everyone had finished, we went on a visit of the farm in two separate groups. The KS1 children learned lots of interesting facts about horses and pigs, and handled rabbits, chickens, a goat and some hamsters. Later, they went on a bumpy but highly enjoyable tractor and trailer ride to see the sheep, cows, donkeys and deer grazing in the fields. At the top of the hill the distant spires of central London and the Wembley Arch could be glimpsed through the light mist. The children would have loved to go around again but there was only just enough time to visit the enclosed pens and see piglets, sheep and their newly-born lambs as well as a few ponies and cows. We had a bucket of grass pellets which the children fed to the animals at first with fear and trembling and later with delight as they realised that they would not be bitten by the gentle but greedy goat!

In just a few hours the children had learned so much about animals and their babies as well as how to stay safe on a busy farm and conquering their fears. All that fresh air made lunch back at school taste even better than usual!