EYFS and KS1 Autumn Forest School

For this school year’s Forest school trip, Nursery 2, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 ventured around Wimbledon common.

After a brief talk to recap our rules at Forest school, the EYFS group had yummy snacks. They then listened as Miss Zacharoula explained that we will be looking to measure natural objects in the forest. In groups, the children measured sticks, stones, feathers, etc with a ruler. They drew the object they found and recorded the length of the object in their sheet. Afterwards, we ordered the objects we found from shortest to longest and shared it with the other groups. We then went for a walk and sat a few metres from the pond to observe the animals and plants. They saw some duck, swans, birds, frogs, and doggies.

Year 2 were delighted to be going to a new venue this year and on such a perfect day! After the group safety talk in the woods of Wimbledon Common, we set off with Y1 to explore the area within the boundaries of Base Camp. The walk through the woods was tranquil and we stopped to have our snack seated on some logs with a beautiful pond dotted with interesting bird life. Later, we walked around the pond which glistened in the mild autumn sunshine. The waterlily pads bobbed up and down on the surface while small birds hopped from one to the other. Three swans were elegantly gliding through the water with numerous other waterfowl such as coots, moor hens, a Mandarin duck, a cormorant with wings spread wide and sunning itself on the island close to a magnificent heron.

We did leaf and tree bark rubbings and drew the pond with all its glorious wildlife. What a privilege to be out enjoying the fresh air and doing a spot of art!