At Westbury House, our main aims are as follows:

  • to promote a love of learning
  • to develop every child’s confidence, sense of responsibility and respect for all people and the world around us
  • to help every child to reach his/her potential
  • to use an Assessment for Learning approach to teaching so that we can work in partnership with the children, their parents/guardians and the directors
    The school aims to create a friendly and secure atmosphere in which children can fully recognise and develop their own varied abilities and interests in the classroom, the creative arts, in sport and other extra-curricular activities.

Within this secure environment, children are encouraged:

  • to think and make decisions for themselves
  • to learn through independent investigation
  • to recognise valid authority
  • to develop sound morals and good manners
  • to develop social skills
  • to play an active role in the life of the school

High but realistic standards of academic attainment are set to encourage children to fulfil their own potential. We aim for a consistency in approach so that children are guided in the same direction by all staff.

We also encourage their love of learning by introducing them to a broad-ranging curriculum, with a special emphasis on creative learning.