In teaching Geography we hope that all children will:

develop an understanding of the features and conditions that make up the physical environment;
realise how humans have used that environment with positive and negative effects;
develop insights into how other people live, both in their own community and elsewhere, fostering an appreciation of similarities and differences in the world about them and encouraging empathetic concern for others; and develop geographical skills including:

  1. observing and comparing places and geographical terms;
  2. communicating using appropriate geographical vocabulary;
  3. measuring and recording accurately;
  4. interpreting maps, atlases, globes, photographs, and satellite images;
  5. developing the skills and techniques for geographical enquiry.

Our aims are supported by visits and project work. Places visited include:
Snuff Mill Environmental centre, Morden Hall
The Living Rainforest near Newbury, Berkshire.
The Natural History Museum, London
London Zoo