The study of history has traditionally played an important role at Westbury House. Our four houses are named after four famous British ships: HMS Victory, The Mary Rose, The Cutty Sark and The Golden Hind. We find our pupils at Westbury house thoroughly enjoy learning about important events in the past and appreciate that they too are a part of history. We encourage a sense of responsibility as we identify links between our past and our present.

A chronological understanding of British history and world history is important. Britain’s influence and role in the wider world together with the world’s influence on Britain are studied. Comparing and contrasting countries and time periods takes place.

As children enter Key Stage 2 they come to appreciate more fully the use of primary and secondary sources in our study of the past. The children begin to understand that different versions of history exist.

Children will often be asked to summarise during lessons and when preparing for exams. This is an invaluable skill which can be used across the curriculum.

A sense of enquiry is essential. The children are encouraged to take part in self-motivated research on their own or in small groups at home. What they find out is often shared with the class in the form of PowerPoint presentations.

Visits, talks and project work take place throughout the academic year.