ICT is an important tool for learning. By the time our children leave Westbury House, we expect them to be confident and effective users of ICT to support their learning, progress and achievement.

The School is equipped with 32 Learnpads (android tablets) and 8 iPads

In the EYFS, children find out about and identify the uses of technology in their everyday lives. They have the opportunity to explore and play with computers just as they do with other forms of ICT, such as remote controlled cars, Beebots and recordable devices to support their learning. This kind of play acts as the foundation for more structured use of applications later on.

From Year 1 to Year 6, children have a separate ICT lesson each week taught by a specialist teacher. Whenever possible, ICT lessons support learning in other subject areas. Learnpads are being integrated into all aspects of learning throughout the School from Year 1 to Year 6

The ICT curriculum aims to ensure that children understand and apply the skills of computer science, including logic and algorithms. Children have repeated practical experience of writing computer programs and are taught to understand computer networks including the internet and the World Wide Web.

At Westbury House, children learn a wide variety of ICT skills – from using the technology to draw pictures to programming and creating movie trailers. They gain a sound knowledge in communicating and publishing, spreadsheets, digital media, coding and the ability to use the internet safely and effectively.

At Westbury House School, we do our upmost to keep children safe and to educate them about potential dangers, including those that they may find online; so, e-safety has become an increasingly important part of the ICT curriculum.