All the children learn French at Westbury House. Initially orally through song, use of puppets and role plays, which then leads on to written expression and grammatical analysis from Year 3. The lower years are introduced to French culture and customs by making the acquaintance of the puppet Camembear whilst an award winning interactive course entitled Rigolo expands their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar via a cartoon depicting the intriguing, if bizarre, lifestyle led at Château Rigolo.

These courses are designed to build confidence in the spoken and listening elements of the curriculum, which then leads to competence in reading and writing.

French learning has never been such fun!


The children are introduced to Latin from year 4 through the unique course entitled Minimus, which has been specifically designed for younger children. It’s based on a real family who lived in Vindolanda in 100 AD: Flavius, the fort commander, his wife Lepidina, their 3 children, assorted slaves, their cat Vibrissa – and Minimus the mouse! Through his eyes, we learn about life in Roman Britain which is expressed in the framework of Latin vocabulary and grammar.

Thus the children explore the derivation of much of the English language while enjoying the antics of a mouse!


In Y3-6, children are introduced to the subject of Mandarin and the culture of China. They are taught by a native speaker the intricacies of this tonal language and given an interest in all things Chinese.