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Valedictory Week (Year 6)

This year has seen the first valedictory programme for Form 4A children. After their successful time with us, we thought it was appropriate to celebrate their primary education with a week focused on alternative learning.

Monday was a trip to the Living Rainforest, where occasional bursts of rain made the experience that little bit more authentic. They were able to experience the hot and humid conditions of rainforests and meet some of the animals that live in them. They discovered how important some rainforest plants are to humans and how these ecosystems need to be managed sustainably in order to protect the future of our planet.

Tuesday was a day of baking and preparation for afternoon tea. The tempting smells that wafted out of the hall were almost irresistible. Each pupil invited one parent to join them for afternoon tea. Once the cooking mess had been cleared up, tables were dressed and prepared for our honoured guests. At that point, we could no longer resist. It was a lovely occasion.

Wednesday, 4A went to the foreshore of the River Thames at Fulham Palace to participate in some exciting archaeology. They learnt how to date pottery from Roman times and the Mediaeval, Tudor and Victorian periods, and they then put this knowledge to the test by dating artefacts that they discovered on the mud as the tide went out. Among the items found were oyster shells, Tudor roof tiles, bones, pieces of clay pipes from different periods and pottery, including a piece of a Bellarmine jug. So impressive were their developing skills that we detected some budding archaeologists among the participants.

Thursday was a day of creativity. Pupils, under the expert guidance of Mrs Forsyth, designed
and created a beautiful mosaic picture. This is a wonderful piece of art that Form 4A pupils leave as a legacy to the school. It has been hung in the hall and will be on display for the whole school to enjoy.

Friday, Form 4A experienced life as a 16th century explorer when they visited the Golden Hinde II, a reconstruction of the famous ship captained by Sir Francis Drake. We travelled there by public transport and were able to take in the sights of London's South Bank as well as making a quick visit to the Tate Modern on our way home!