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Valedictory Week

During the last full week of term, the Year 6 children had an action-packed week of trips, talks and workshops as part of their Valedictory Week celebrations. Here are some of the wonderful experiences that they had:

Houses of Parliament - we had an excellent tour of the Queen’s robing room, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We then participated in a workshop about creating and legislating a new law. 

London Eye - we had a pod to ourselves and were given a geography workshop to spot and found out information about many London landmark buildings. The views were incredible. 

Transport for London - a representative from TFL came into school and spoke to Year 6 about safety on public transport. The children learnt a lot and are now well-prepared for secondary school travel. 

Hampton Court Palace - the children were able to walk in the shoes of Shakespeare for the afternoon. They helped one of the ladies of Henry VIII’s Court to write a sonnet. They then performed their sonnet in the Great Hall, in the exact spot where Shakespeare would have performed his sonnets!

Esher Common - Mr Wood drove Year 6 to Esher Common where we went for a walk in the woods. The children divided into two teams and built dens out the sticks and ferns on the ground. The boys’ den was the best! 

Kingston Walk - Mrs Osborne kindly took Year 6 into Kingston for a historical walk around the town, to support their learning this year. The children saw lots of old churches and buildings before visiting the Kingston museum. 

Legacy Art Project - All day on Thursday, Year 6 spent the day with Mrs Williams to create their piece of legacy art that will remain at school and be on permanent display. This year the children were creating a picture of Westbury House through printing. 

Walton Firs Activity Centre - On the last day of Valedictory Week, Year 6 went to Walton Firs for a day of outdoor activities. We did the obstacle course, buggy building and the nightline (a different obstacle course blindfolded!) The children worked brilliantly together and had a lot of fun. 

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