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Forest School

A group of children from Nursery, Reception, Yr 1 and Yr 2 had a wonderful time in Esher Common for their very first forest school adventure this school year.

The Nursery and Reception children searched for natural resources they could use to make tree faces. They then developed their balancing and climbing skills as they crossed logs and climbed up the tree wall. They also went for a Gruffalo hunt, but alas, all they found was one huge puddle. So off they went squelch, squelching in the muddy puddle.

 ForestSchool 1

ForestSchool 2

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ForestSchool 4

Year 1

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their morning in the forest. The children made their own den and took part in problem-solving. A long, blue rope was found dangling high up in a tree. One child made up a story about how the rope got there – a story about Alice! Everyday materials were gathered as part of our Science topic this term. Walking along the logs was challenging! However, all were able to balance and walk independently along the logs by the end of the morning.

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Year 2

Year 2 children decided they would be the kings and queens of the forest. So, they each made a woodland crown with materials gathered from the multitude of leaves and pine cones lying on the forest floor. Measuring the size of their head and sticking objects to the crown proved quite challenging, but with co-operation and perseverance they all managed to make something of which they felt proud. Later, they went bug hunting and unearthed a huge woodlouse and a tiny beetle. One squirrel was in the process of building a drey high up in the canopy and some children excitedly watched it scuttling up the tree and jumping from branch to branch, while others did a spot of whittling or carried clip-boards and drew pictures of the wildlife they had seen that morning. It was a beautiful day and an enjoyable educational experience.

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