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Circus Drama Class

The EYFS and KS1 children had a fun morning at Circus Drama Class full of laughter, fantastic listening and use of our imaginations. Carl from the performance team, asked the children if they could imagine themselves in the circus with the trapeze, jugglers and clowns. The children copied the actions to accompany each of the circus acts. However, Carl shared that there was a clown in the circus who had lost his smile. He challenged the children to help look for the clown's smile and bring it back to him. It involved listening for specific cues to act like a trapeze or juggler.

And lastly, the children had to pretend they were statues and freeze when the clown (Carl) walked back in the room. They had to make faces to help the clown find his smile and they successfully did it!

The other part of the session involved mimes and pretending to be mimes by copying what the leader was doing. Everyone had a wonderful time at the circus.

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