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Nursery Trips

Lidl shopping trip

The children enjoyed their trip to Lidl to buy resources for cooking and to learn about fruits and vegetables. After walking around the whole shop once to discuss the different products they sell, we went back around and started looking for our cake ingredients. The children helped to find the eggs, flour and butter and carried them to the checkouts to help the adults.

We stopped for snack and water on the way home. We sat on the benches by the fountain roundabout in New Malden and watched all the cars and buses drive by and spoke about their sizes and colours.

Blagdon park

The children loved the trips to Blagdon park. We started in the children’s gated playground, playing on the swings, slide and merry-go-round. We ventured over to the wooden obstacle course opposite the gated park, the children were all very good at balancing and navigating around, and on all the equipment.

On the way to and from the park we looked at various parts of our environment. We looked at street signs and compared the letters from the street names to their own names. We looked at different road signs we could see along the way and spoke about any numbers we came across in the road or hung on street lamps


The children really enjoyed the twice-weekly library visits. When we got there, they had such a variety of books to choose from and we rarely read the same book. All the books were selected by the children, and they all sat very nicely when being read to. We read many fiction books and a few non-fictions for Denis who preferred the more factual material.

The walk there and back were just as beneficial as we looked at the different numbers, colours, letters and shapes we could see along the way. We looked at the number plates on cars to see if we recognised any numbers or letters. One child informed us of the make of each car. We looked at the road signs along the way, discussing what the speed limit symbol meant and the no parking and school signs. Finally, we picked up some leaves on the way back and made art work with the leaves we collected.

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