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Year 4 Trip to Banstead Woods

As part of their study of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ by C.S Lewis, Year 4 visited Banstead Woods to walk the Narnia Trail. It was a wet and miserable October day but the weather did nothing to dampen the excitement of the children. We suited up in wellies and raincoats and approached what certainly looked like the enchanted wood in the world of Narnia.

The trail consists of four, exquisitely carved, wooden sculptures of Narnia characters and symbols. The sculptures have been painstakingly carved out of existing trees and are spread out on a walk through the forest. They truly are a sight to behold. Excitedly, we approached the first statue on the trail, the imposing figure of the Lion, Aslan. Year 4 were enthralled to ‘meet’ this fierce but kind character they had been reading about.

After saying farewell to Aslan, the children did some exploration in the forest and made a den. This was a brilliant team effort and thoroughly enjoyed by all!

The next sculpture was of the evil White Witch of Narnia. Menacingly, she stared down at us with her piercing eyes. Understandably, we didn’t really want to hang around and went in search of the third sculpture.

The famous wardrobe, the doorway to Narnia stood, unassumingly, on the edge of the trail, inviting the children to enter. Complete with wooden coats hanging inside, it offers a unique experience to all who enter. The children enjoyed walking through it and pretending that they had entered Narnia.

The last carving on the trail is of the youngest character in the book, Lucy, and her beloved lamppost. Year 4 were delighted to see Lucy and imagine how she must have felt when she discovered Narnia.

We left Banstead woods with our imaginations piqued and our hearts inspired by the beautiful nature we had experienced.

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