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Years 3 and 5 trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace

Tuesday, 27th November, Years 3 and 5 went to visit Fishbourne Roman Palace for the day. We travelled by coach and although it was raining when we arrived, we had time to eat our snack and have a quick run around outside. 

Next, we went into the foyer and looked at the model of the Palace. After that, we made our way to the film room. We watched a super video all about the discovery of the palace and how the historians have found artefacts and protected the area so that we may visit.

Later that morning, we went into our classrooms to examine objects, dress up in traditional clothing, play games and generally learn more about the Romans and Fishbourne Palace.

After lunch, we went back into the main building, where we looked closely at the parts of the villa that have been preserved, particularly the wonderful mosaics.

Before we travelled back, we had the opportunity to look around the museum and visit the shop.

What a fabulous day we had. Thank you Mrs Williams, Mrs Forde and Mr Wood, for taking us. Now we feel we are all experts in our field!

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