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Under-5 Jive

The children of our Reception and Nursery classes enjoyed an Under-5 Jive session with Miss Emma this week. The parents of our pupils were invited to join in the session and dance with their children to Miss Emma’s instructions. The morning was full of a range of movements and different styles of dance as well as the use of props to transform into birds and unicorns. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time with their parents and Miss Emma.

Under-5 Jive is also offered to the local community. Once the Reception and Nursery children were back in their classrooms, we welcomed children and their guardians into the school hall. Miss Emma then guided our guests through the movements so that they had the chance to dance to the music and transfer into the imaginary creatures. The session was enjoyed by all our guests and we hope to welcome them back along with any new under 5s who would like to join.

Thank you, Miss Emma and Westbury House, for another great Under-5 Jive.

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Under5Jive 02

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