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Forest school

Esher Common

When we arrived at Esher Common ,we discussed the ribbons tied on the trees for the boundaries of our space that we could explore. We went around looking for certain living creatures using clip boards with items to find, draw and tick off through the audit. On the audit were worms, spiders, millipedes, ants, ladybirds and beetles.

The children showed concern for the insects. We managed to find a couple of worms and watched them use their bodies to move around their environment.

We found some rather large woodlice when opening up a rotten log that we moved and, in doing so, we found a curled-up Hornet hibernating in the bark. Miss Susan moved the children back and scooped it up into the science container for the children to look at through the magnified lid.

We also found a black spider among the leaves. The children spotted some fungi on the log and we discussed how we must not touch it due to it being poisonous. They also found mushrooms scattered around and we discussed why we should not touch or eat them.

We climbed a stone apparatus which was quite tall. Good climbing everyone!

The children climbed the large steps to the top of the hill and we observed the roots of the old trees above the ground.

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