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Forest School.

This morning, Reception, some children from Nursery, Year 1 and Year 2 went to Esher Common for Forest school. We have been previously and this time around we were delighted to have the weather on our side.

The early years group gathered lots of natural resources and used that to create their repeated patterns. Shortly after that and our delicious snacks, the children ventured off to see what is beyond the hill of base camp. With the drier winter days, the puddle we visited in October had dried up, so the children took turns instead in balancing across a fallen log.

KS1 had been set the challenge of making a hat which would camouflage them while watching any wildlife. They set off up the hill and beyond the base camp in search of suitable materials after a discussion about appropriate colours to select, the importance of not picking any plants and only using what we could find on the ground. Additional resources were also provided, and the children all managed to produce a “hat” made from pine fronds, silver birch twigs and bracken or simply leaves glued to green tissue paper. Well done on some ingenious designs!

It was a very enjoyable exploration in the woods, and we look forward to going back to see what it is like during the warm summer term.