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Careers Week


The week of 21st to 25th January was careers week at Westbury for both Year 5 and Year 6. You may be wondering what careers week is? Careers week is a week when people from different professions come to talk to us about their jobs.



On Monday, Mrs Rameshwaran, came to give us a talk all about her career as a lawyer. She explained the definition of law and what a career in law involves. She inspired us and told us about the pathway to becoming a lawyer, including all the courses that we would need to take.We learned that there are two main types of lawyers:solicitors and barristers. At the end, she picked volunteers who participated in a role play detailing events in a court case.She explained the case of Mrs Donoghue and Stevensons and co.


On Tuesday morning we had a special talk about charities from our head teacher- Mr Burke. The talk began with Mr Burke asking us to guess the common theme in adverts the night before. Finally, we found the answer - it was charities! All of the adverts where about charities such as cancer research and Great Ormond Street Hospital. We learnt that people all around the world work tirelessly to support the work of the charities they are employed by. Mr Burke tasked us with managing different parts of a charitable campaign ourselves and we had great fun working in teams!


We were fortunate enough to have Danielle’s mum chat to us about her work in the field of criminology. She explained what it means to be an academic and told us all about the research she has conducted and the books she has published. It was fascinating to hear about how research can support the work of the police. It was especially exciting to hear about her work with missing persons.


Tamana’s mum came in to tell us about being a GP in a local surgery in New Malden. She explained how Latin and Science are important in medicine, and the many years of studying required before graduating as a doctor. It was really exciting to hear a real-life story of a young boy who she helped before he was sent to hospital.  


On Friday, we heard about a career that was new to many of us - pharmaceutical quality assurance. Arun’s father told us about his job and we quickly realised that it could be a challenging career!. He told us why the workers had to have gloves and why  all the machinery is metal - there are strict standards that need to be adhered to. If the medicines don’t work or go wrong, he has to find out why and how it went wrong.

All in all, careers week was an exciting and enlightening week for all of us! It certainly prompted us into thinking more deeply about our own careers and futures!