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Science Museum Trip

On Tuesday the year 5 children visited The Science Museum as part of their studies. We travelled by train and had a lovely journey through London. When we arrived we were greeted and given time to have a quick drink and snack. 


Shortly after, we proceeded to the IMAX theatre to watch a 3D film about the Hubble telescope - how it was launched and maintained. It was very inspirational and quite phenomenal how amazing the space travel programme has progressed and how much we have seen and learnt about because of this marvellous invention!

After lunch, we ventured into the auditorium for a very thought provoking lecture on Forces. During this time, many of our pupils took part in the 'hands on' demonstrations, including Mrs Venter!

Eventually, we wended our way back to school, after a truly fabulous day.

Thank you Mrs Venter, for organising such a great event for us all to enjoy. 

Finally well done to the children who showed their appreciation by involving themselves wholeheartedly and behaving so nicely.