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Pizza Express visit

The children were given a first-hand experiences on how to make their own Italian Classic, The Margarita pizza

Everyone washed their hands , put on plastic aprons and a hat each and we spoke about hygiene. The children sat at the tables where they were introduced to the chef who took our lesson in creating our own pizzas.

We discussed what was in the ingredients to make the dough. 

The tables had flour placed over them so the dough could be placed on the tables for the children to knead.

The children learnt to 'knead the dough' but to not fold the dough. It was important to listen to the instructions given so  we could create a pizza to take home. 

The children were able to maintain focus on their activity for a period of time and to pay attention to details to create their pizza.

Once they kneaded their pizza the chef came around and spun their individual pizza bases in the air and then into their own  pizza trays. Then the children had to use a spoon each to spread out their passata puree around the base without touching the edge of the base so they formed a crust.

Once they were able to spread their passata sauce they were given some mozzarella cheese and the child with an allergy to dairy was given mozzarisella to place on the top of their passata sauce. Some children chose to put lots of cheese in one area and others spread their cheese out. 

Once we had finished, removed our protective clothing and washed our hands we thanked the chef and travelled back to school. The pizzas were delivered to the school.

All the children were given their own pizza to take home that they created.