House School has always had a very active and successful music

department. The two choirs, Junior and Senior Choir, are very popular, and the

children enjoy performing throughout the year in concerts both in school

and in nearby venues.


Every Year the school holds a Carol Concert, Nativity Plays, Summer Concerts and every

second year a fully-staged musical production.


Many of our pupils take lessons in clarinet, violin, piano, guitar and

singing at school with our visiting peripatetic music teachers. The pupils

are encouraged to work towards ABRSM exams, and they benefit hugely from

being part of an instrumental club on a weekly basis. There are ample

opportunities for these pupils to perform solos and ensembles at school.


The music curriculum includes the Kodaly Method which has proven outcomes of improved singing abilities and sound qualities; performing skills on pitch

percussion instruments; developed aural, improvising and composing skills involving the Thinking Voice; developed knowledge of the concepts of pitch

and rhythm, and the structural and expressive elements of phrase, tempo, metre, timbre, dynamics and textures.


Children also enjoy learning about broader musical topics, such as world music, pop, jazz, Rock and many other genres. The children also work on larger

scale projects, focusing on a particular composer and musical era, for example.