Personal & Social Development (PSD)

What is Personal & Social Development (PSD) education?

PSD (Personal & Social Development) education is a planned, developmental programme which equips children and young people with the knowledge and skills to deal with a range of issues they face as they grow up. PSD promotes a cross-curricular approach to the children’s learning.

PSD covers the following topics:

Healthy Lifestyles                                              Nutrition & Food

Hygiene                                                               Aspirations

Changing & Growing                                         First Aid

Emotions                                                             Collaboration

Keeping Safe                                                       Similarities

Communication                                                 Healthy Relationships

Bullying                                                                Diversity

Fairness                                                               Discrimination

Family & Friends                                                Enterprise

Rules & Responsibilities


Money & Finance

At Westbury House School, the children are involved in a number of schemes which promote their PSD skills such as:

Peer Mediators: Peer Mediators in Year 6 help children to find solutions to their disagreements when they occur during their play and in their games. The Peer Mediators learn many skills such as, to be neutral, to be a good listener, to be supportive as well as to make peace and avoid conflict.

School Council: School Council provides a forum for the children to air concerns, ideas and complaints. Two representatives from each class are elected by their peers to attend meetings.

Roles & Responsibilities for Children: The concept of monitors is introduced to the children when they are in Reception with small tasks of responsibility. Within the school we have the following roles with responsibilities for the children:

House Captains & Vice House Captains


Music Captain

Games Captain

Head Boy & Girl

Charities Captain


Westbury House School incorporates Character Education within our PSD programme.

What is Character Education?

The goal of character education is the good life: one in which we can flourish as human beings, achieve our potential and live meaningfully and harmoniously with others. The pathway to this is the acquisition and development of virtues, and it is the virtues we have acquired which go to make up our character.

‘A virtue is the ability to act in a particular way in a specific situation to bring about a good outcome.  Virtues such as courage, kindness, persistence, love of learning and self-discipline are all around us – to varying degrees – in us and in the lives of the people we know. When we have acquired a virtue, we become able to manage our emotions and give reasons for why we choose a particular course of action; we learn to deliberate and assume much more control over how we act in the circumstances we face.’ The Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues, University of Birmingham.