Fees from September 2018

Key Stage 2    £3705 per term

Key Stage 1    £3435 per term

EYFS              £3305 per term for full time

Nursery          £1620 per term mornings only

                     £ 270 per additional afternoon per term

Before and after-school care £3 per half hour

These basic school fees include all termly outings, excluding overseas and overnight trips, within the UK. For EYFS, this includes all trips, outings, swimming and dance lessons.

5% sibling discount is applicable to the younger sibling(s) of older children who are still pupils at the school.

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There are three Terms in a School Year:
Autumn (September - December), Spring (January - March), Summer (April - July)

A full term's notice, in writing, must be given before the withdrawal of a child from the School. Failing this action, an additional term's fees will be required.

All fees are payable either by monthly direct debit over 9 months, or termly in advance and cannot be refunded, in full or in part.

If you elect to pay fees termly, they are due on or before the first day of term.

If you elect to pay fees monthly, they should be paid in 9 equal instalments: 1st September, 1st October, 1st November, 1st January, 1st February, 1st March, 1st April, 1st May, 1st June or the nearest working day to each of these dates.

We accept Employment Childcare Vouchers for children up to 5 years old only.


From September 2018, school lunches will be a compulsory part of the school day.  We have sourced an excellent company that caters for all needs: religious and allergy-based.  The Pantry carefully calcuates the nutritional quality of its menus and submits them to the appropriate governemnt department to be checked for balance and confrmity with the needs of children. The cost will be £3 per day per child, which is equivalent to an average of £170 per term.  When children go on school outings, The Pantry will provide a packed lunch.  Each week, parents will be able to make choices about the food their children eat from The Pantry website.

Early Education Funding Policy

 Westbury House School participates in the government Early Education Funding. This entitles all children aged 3-5 years to 15 hours of funded provision. Children become entitled to funding from the term following their 3rd birthday until the term after their 5th birthday.

Westbury House nursery is open Monday to Friday 8:25am to 12:00pm and children are expected to attend 5 mornings per week with the option of having additional afternoons and Reception is open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 3:15pm, both for 34 weeks of the year. Fees are chargeable for hours beyond the funded fifteen hours and for the provision of specialist teachers. The schools fee structure can be found on the school’s website. All activities are included within this fee structure except for hours outside of the normal model (for example early morning care).

 Parents are invoiced termly in advance and the funding is deducted from the invoice before being issued. Parents are asked to complete the funding forms at the beginning of each term. If funding forms are not returned by the submission date, parents will not be eligible for funding for that term and will be required to pay full fees. Funding is claimed by and paid directly to Westbury House School. Further information on early years funding can be accessed via your local authority website.

If your child joins our school after the designated head count week of each term your child will not be eligible for funding until the following term. In this case you will be charged for the full terms fees.

Reviewed March 2018