Provision of hot lunches.

Hot lunches are provided by The Pantry. The Pantry provides other schools and large companies with lunches and food for events that they may hold. All of their fruit and vegetables are organic, and the meat is Red Tractor meat, which guarantees high levels of animal welfare. Each meal is freshly prepared every day. The Pantry sends all their menus to the DfE to ensure there is a balanced nutritional content to each meal across the week.

The Pantry deliver trays of hot fresh food each day. The food is then served, by a member of The Pantry staff, to the children. Children eat from plates with proper knives, forks and spoons, not disposable cutlery. Parents choose what their children eat by using an online system. Parents log in, add credit to their account and then choose what their children will be eating for the following week. There are five different options a day: a meat option, a vegetarian option, a jacket potato option, a sandwich lunch and a halal option. Menus are on a three-week rotational basis.

For days that children are out of school on a trip, please select the packed lunch option provided by The Pantry. Again, parents choose sandwich fillings and any dietary/allergy requirements will be met.

Because this is an external catering agency, it is not possible to add the cost of meals to the school fees. Parents pay the company direct. You can top up your child’s account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. However, you will not be able to order food if you do not have enough credit on your account.

If you know that your child is going to be absent from school a week in advance, you can receive a credit for meals that they will miss. However, it is important that you enter this data onto the system. If you don’t, meals will be delivered and wasted. If you notify the Pantry too late, they will already have bought food and you will need to bear the cost of the missed meal.

The school will notify The Pantry of term dates and dates when children will need packed lunches for school trips.

If you would like your child to have the hot lunch option from The Pantry you will still need to provide a mid-morning fruit snack for your children. Children should also bring their water bottles to school – they are able to top these up during the day.

The cost of these meals is £3.50 per day.