Fees Per Term from September 2022

Term Time
Age School Day Time Full day Term Time 5 mornings 8:25am – 12:00pm Extra afternoon 12:00 – 3:30pm
TT Fees 2022 – 23 2-3 Years £3,742 £5,047 £1,766 £295
3-5 Years £3,534 £4,947 £1,732 £288
3-5 Years with 15 Hrs Funding £2,565 £4,035 £820 NA
3-5 Years with 30 Hrs Funding £1,602 £3,123 NA NA

Full Time
Age Full Week 4 Days 3 Days 2 Days 5 AM / PM Daily rate
Full Time Fess 2022 – 23 2-3 Years £1,376.00 £1,091.00 £818.00 £545.00 £796.00 £38.00
3-5 Years £1,349.00 £1,069.00 £802.00 £535.00 £781.00 £37.00
3-5 Years with 15 Hrs Funding £1,161.00 £860.00 £592.00 £280.00 £535.00 £37.00
3-5 Years with 30 Hrs Funding £811.00 £519.00 £252.00 £193.00 NA £37.00

Early Years Foundation Stage

Reception £3620 per term
Nursery (mornings only) £1766 per term
Additional afternoons £295 per afternoon per term

Key Stage 1 Pupils

Year 1 and 2 £3760 per term

Key Stage 2 Pupils

Years 3,4,5 and 6 £4058 per term

These basic school fees include in-school provision, excluding outings, overseas and overnight trips within the UK.  A 10% sibling discount is applicable to the older child when a younger sibling joins the school.

Additional Hot Lunches charged at £260 per term.

LAMDA and peripatetic music lessons attract an additional cost.

A range of clubs is available.  Some incur a charge and some are free of charge.

After School Care


Late Care: 3.30 – 5.00 pm   :   £12.00

KS1 (Years 1&2)

Late Care: 3.30 – 4.30 pm   :  £6.00
4.30 – 5.00 pm   :  £3.00

KS2 (Years 3-6)

Late Care Only: 4.30 – 5.00 pm   :   £3.00

Late pick-up charges (after 5.00pm) – £10 per 15-minutes or part thereof

There are three Terms in a School Year: – Autumn (September – December), Spring (January – March), Summer (April – July)

Fees can be paid termly or annually.

A full term’s notice, in writing, must be given before the withdrawal of a child from the School. Failing this action, an additional term’s fees will be required.

We accept Employment Vouchers for EYFS up to the term they turn 5.  After age 5, vouchers are accepted for morning care and after school care and clubs.


Early Education Funding Policy

Westbury House School participates in the government Early Education Funding. This entitles all children aged 3-5 years to 15 hours of funded provision. Children become entitled to funding from the term following their 3rd birthday until the term during their 5th birthday.

Westbury House nursery is open Monday to Friday 8:25am to 12:00pm and children are expected to attend 5 mornings per week with the option of having additional afternoons and Reception is open Monday to Friday 8:25am to 3:30pm, both for 34 weeks of the year. Fees are chargeable for hours beyond the funded fifteen hours and for the provision of specialist teachers. The schools fee structure can be found on the school’s website. All activities are included within this fee structure except for hours outside of the normal model (for example early morning care).

Parents are invoiced termly in advance and the funding is deducted from the invoice before being issued. Parents are asked to complete the funding forms at the beginning of each term. If funding forms are not returned by the submission date, parents will not be eligible for funding for that term and will be required to pay full fees. Funding is claimed by and paid directly to Westbury House School. Further information on early years funding can be accessed via your local authority website.

If your child joins our school after the designated head count week of each term your child will not be eligible for funding until the following term. In this case you will be charged for the full terms fees.