Starting school at Westbury House 

Children in Reception enjoy a broad curriculum, with teaching both inside and out of the classroom. Pupils are actively encouraged to develop their independence and question their discoveries. 


Our small classes and high staff-to-child ratio help ensure that every child’s unique and natural talents are recognised and developed.

French, Music, Art, Chess, Cooking, Gymnastics, Swimming and PE are all taught by specialist teachers whose passion for what they do is felt by the children in every lesson.

For a more enriched learning experience, pupils go on trips to Forest School, libraries, theatres, museums and parks. Workshops and external visitors are booked to create a more holistic approach to learning from drama workshops to police and dentist visits.

We instil a love of reading from a young age. Children are taught the foundations of reading and writing via daily literacy and phonic lessons as well as reading individually with their teacher.

At Westbury House School, we know the importance of parent involvement in a child’s development. We work in partnership with parents using an online learning journey platform called Tapestry, running social events and curriculum workshops for parents, and having formal parent consultation meetings twice a year. Our parents’ voice matters!

Life in Reception