At Westbury House School we have constructed a unique curriculum which not only ensures our pupils have the necessary academic knowledge to make the transition to senior school a success but also have the opportunity to acquire and refine skills such as independence, team work and leadership that will make them stand out from the crowd.

As well as a strong focus on English, Mathematics and Science we aim to ensure the pupils have the opportunity to study languages (French and Mandarin), Humanities (History and Geography), creative subjects (Art, DT and ICT) as well as have the opportunity through PE and Games to stretch their legs and compete at a local, regional and national level. All classes are equipped with Ipads allowing every room to become an ICT suite and we blend traditional values and studies with modern techniques and equipment.

Curriculum Highlights


The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) is one of the oldest drama schools in the United Kingdom and began offering speech examinations to the public in the 1880s. LAMDA are now the UK’s largest statutory speech and drama awarding body.

The LAMDA syllabus encourages children to develop their individual communication skills, accompanied by a growth in their personal confidence. Children are taught to communicate thoughts and feelings with precision, power and interest, through clear and specific exercises which enhance clarity of diction, the correction of mispronounced sounds and the development of expressive vocal skills. On a private, peripatetic basis, LAMDA lessons are taught as individual lessons to children by Emma Hammond Theatre Academy.

Our wonderful LAMDA teacher Emma Hammond has run Emma Hammond Theatre Academy (EHTA) since 2015 teaching dance, drama and musical theatre in schools, nurseries and in her studio in Chessington.

About Emma

Emma began her professional training at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) where she completed a Diploma in Performing Arts. She then continued her training at London Studio Centre, graduating with a BA(Hons) in Theatre Dance and Diploma in Musical Theatre before working as a dancer and actor.

Having gained a scholarship place on the BBO Dance Level 6 Extended Diploma in Dance Education course, Emma has now achieved Registered Teacher Status with the British Ballet Organisation and QTLS status.

Emma has taught dance for 16 years and LAMDA for 10 years with 100% pass rate for examinations. In the latest examination sessions at Westbury House, all students achieved Distinctions!

EHTA students have had competition success in local performing arts festivals including ‘Best in Festival’ and ‘Best Actor’ in the International Oratory Festival. EHTA students have also featured professionally in adverts, pantomimes and films.


All children from Reception to Year 6 learn French at Westbury House School initially orally through song, use of puppets and role-plays. This then leads on to written expression and grammatical analysis from Year 3.

The lower years are introduced to French culture and customs by making the acquaintance of the puppet Camembear. At KS2, an award-winning interactive course entitled Rigolo expands their vocabulary, and knowledge of grammar and culture via a cartoon depicting the intriguing, if bizarre, lifestyle led at Château Rigolo.

These courses are designed to build confidence in the speaking and listening elements of the curriculum, leading to competence in reading and writing.

French learning has never been such fun!


In Years 2 to 6, children are introduced to the subject of Mandarin and the culture of China. They are taught by a native speaker the intricacies of this tonal language and given an interest in all things Chinese.

During weekly lessons, students not only study vocabulary but also conversations. That leads the Mandarin learning to be practical and helpful. Each lesson always involves computing skills by doing quizzes and designing posters or making presentations when the lesson is related to culture.

Mandarin lessons consistently aim to create fun and effective learning.


Westbury House School is a school with very musical roots – its founders were passionate about music in education. In recent years, the curriculum has been considerably developed and expanded, and the Music Department now comprises two award-winning choirs, six visiting peripatetic music teachers, and a popular educational outreach programme, under the leadership of the Head of Music.


At Westbury House, we encourage our pupils to be creative. They can explore, develop and produce their ideas when working in their specialist lessons. Working within their small year groups they will be able to seek encouragement and learn from their teacher and more importantly each other.

Workshops have been regularly arranged where the children can use their creativity to record vibrant visual information. ‘Winter cards’ are produced to raise funds and showcase their talent. Yearly the children attend an art workshop at an external venue where they have made sculptures, drawn portraits and sketched from life.

Art books and iPads are used to resource information, seek inspiration, and produce their finished pieces.

The school has entered and won many local and national competitions. We have exhibited their artwork in the local High Street, during school events and coordinated whole school exhibitions where artwork was sold.

The children annually visit an art gallery to look at and discuss exhibited work.

Annually the year 6 children have produced statement art pieces which are then exhibited in the school for all to see.


At Westbury House, we recognise the contribution of Physical Education to the health and well-being of our children and believe that a varied PE curriculum has a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children.

Pupils are introduced to competitive sports taught by a variety of specialist sports coaches. The games programme is designed for all children to improve their ability to work as a team in order to succeed in team games.

The children compete in-house, against other local schools, externally in ILG tournaments and in Independent School Association fixtures. Cross country, Football, Basketball, Athletics and Stoolball are all examples of sports that children from Year 3 through to Year 6 have participated in for the school.

At the end of the year, the school hold a school sports day at Kings College Sports Fields where all the pupils and even the staff and parents can participate.

Children in Reception through to Year 2 are taught via a multi-skills approach. This equips them to learn control, specific ball skills, balance and coordination.

All children from Reception to Year 6 swim once a week. The swimming programme is headed up by Mrs Cropley our Head of PE teacher (who is also a qualified swimming coach). She uses her years of experience to ensure all the children are water confident and comfortable before working on good stroke technique and stamina. All children are regularly tested and their swimming skills monitored. All children compete in a Swimming Gala in the Summer term, a combination of fun and competitive races.


Mastery means a learner has expert knowledge, skills and ability in a subject (or an aspect of that subject) – and they can use and apply it to show a high level of understanding and creativity. Teaching mastery is about achieving deep, secure learning for all pupils.