The Importance of Pupil Wellbeing

No Outsiders

At Westbury House School, we are fully committed to celebrating difference and diversity within our school community.

No Outsiders is our whole-school initiative that is designed to ensure every pupil feels a strong sense of belonging within our school community and an appreciation for those with different backgrounds and experiences. The No Outsiders approach teaches our pupils about inclusion, and helps to prepare them for life as global citizens. We want our children to champion inclusion and celebrate diversity, and to understand that while we are all different, we are all welcome at our school. We all belong here.

Watch our short video below to find out what our pupils think about the initiative.

No Outsiders


At Westbury House we believe in Quality First Teaching with inclusive lessons for all our pupils. Our Quality First Teaching approach is the first step in responding to pupils with SEN and is in-line with guidance from the SEND Code of Practice.

SENDCo is available to support those pupils who may need additional help and support.

We aim to recognise gifted and talented pupils and stretch and challenge them if needed.


MindUP For Schools is an evidence-based program that has been shown to increase pro-social actions, decrease aggressive behaviors, and improve academic achievement across all subjects. At Westbury House we have implemented the program across the whole school in weekly mindfulness lessons. MindUP takes a more scientific approach to mental wellbeing that links in with wider initiatives at the school such as zones of learning and our core values.

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are a group of Year 6 pupils that are trained to help support their peers in the playground. The mentors are knowledgeable guides for new starters at the school, they play with children that are feeling lonely and mediate disagreements between pupils. As part of their training, they are also taught when they should involve an adult. The peer mentors are role models who are selected as they represent the character virtues and Westbury Way.

Zones of Regulation

At Westbury House we believe that developing the whole child, including their social, emotional and mental health, is important. For this reason, each classroom has an area where pupils can go to regulate their emotions - we call it a Blue Zone - if they need a little brain break. In this area they will find anything they need to help them regulate their emotions; notebook, fidget toys, pillow, blanket and books.


Alongside classroom-based practice we ensure our pupils have an opportunity out of the classroom to have a well deserved ‘brain break’. Our thoughtfully designed programme of extra-curricular activities allows plenty of this with clubs to let off steam or take a moment to relax! For example in Yoga club pupils learn sun salutations and meditation and enjoy various yoga games and songs.

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset means that you thrive on challenge, and don't see failure as a way to describe yourself but as a springboard for growth and developing your abilities. Your intelligence and talents are all susceptible to growth.

We want all our pupils to relish challenges, embrace their mistakes as part of the learning process, value the importance of effort, respond carefully to feedback and take inspiration from others. This will help them to achieve, not only with us, but also in their future lives as adults.

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