POW fundraise for Msalaru School in Malawi

Parents of Westbury (POW)

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POW fundraiser for Msalura school.

Msalura is an urban school that provides basic education to over 1,500 pupils daily, where class sizes are overcrowded, often with more than 70 pupils in each of their 15 classrooms. Due to the shortage of classrooms, tables and chairs, most pupils have no choice but to sit on the ground or outdoors for their lessons.

Despite the evident poverty of the region and a chronic lack of resources, Msalura is an innovative and enterprising school, at the forefront of sustainable school development, working on projects such as water harvesting, permaculture and waste management. This is why POW and Westbury House School are keen to support Msalura school and all their pupils to achieve their goals.

  • Each child took responsibility to collect sponsorships to help raise funds.

  • POW hired Nonsuch Park so our families can relax and enjoy a fun day out in the park together.