Science Week 2023

Whole School

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Science Week activities at Westbury House.

This week has been Science Week at Westbury House! 

  • Little Learners explored volcanoes through various experiments.
  • Big Learners made a moon cloud using water, food colouring and shaving
    foam. This was so much fun! 
  • In Pre School the classroom turned into a science centre. Pupils used the power of magnets to make Superheroes and Supertato characters fly in front of different scenes.
  • Year 1 made edible marshmallow slime, yum!
  • Year 2 found out about female pioneers in science as well as a fun jelly baby experiments
  • In Year 3 and 4 pupils explored the changes that occur in gummy bears submerged in water and
    observed how many days bread would take to mould, dependentmon the conditions of the bread.
  • Year 5 enjoyed a live lesson which answered the question... What does wool and seaweed have in
  • Year 6 participated in a workshop about Amphibians; pupils veiwed different types of amphibians on screen.

Well done to all pupils who have been so enthusiastic this week.